E. Massingham, Brisbane

It was so wonderful to have the Sunset Home Veterinary Care option available to us as we watched our beloved Labrador Cleo getting older. After 14 years of an active life she was getting very stiff and you could see she was uncomfortable a lot of the time. Our regular veterinarian had prescribed anti-inflammatories which helped a bit but Dr Jackie was able to review her medications and offer many more options. She gave us advice on bedding, walking, massage and she even did some acupuncture. Then when it was time to say goodbye Dr Jackie helped us make that decision. She was very supportive and professional and took the time to make sure that everyone was ready. It was reassuring to know someone was looking out for Cleo's comfort during those last few months and I would recommend her service to all pet lovers when the time comes. 

E. Massingham, Brisbane