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Patient Care Coordinator

Anna_Sunset Vets

For the last 14 years Anna has lived on the Sunshine Coast making this beautiful part of the world her home. During that time her family has grown with the addition of three wonderful children who are the centre of her universe. Anna has spent much of her career in hotels, but after taking time off for her family, it was important to Anna to return to the work force in a meaningful way. Finding forever homes for animals in needs at the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge was a wonderful place to rejoin the workforce and Anna found this to be fulfilling and inspirational. Anna has always enjoyed helping people and looks forward to providing compassionate care for families and their pets in need through her work at Sunset Vets.

It always starts with one. Who was your special pet? I think your first fur best friend is a special bond that can’t be replicated. Ernie was my childhood dog, a beautiful black Cocker Spaniel who knew all my secrets & was a loyal sidekick on many adventures.

What else are you passionate about? I’m passionate about my family and the friends we have surrounded ourselves with who have become family. Every experience is enhanced when you get to share it with a loved one.

What do you love about Palliative Care? I love that palliative medicine serves a dual purpose… To make a patients final days more comfortable at the same time as bringing a sense of comfort and support to the family at such an emotionally fraught time.