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Dr Esther

Palliative Care Veterinarian

Dr Esther

It takes a very special person to be able to deliver comfort and compassion when it is most needed.

Thankfully, Dr Esther is one such person, and when she told us she wanted to be involved in the work we were doing to support patients and their families at the end of life, we just knew we couldn’t pass her up.

With a passion for animals and an incredible bedside manner, Dr Esther is a perfect addition to our veterinary team.

Having spent her life surrounded by animals of all kinds, Esther knows a thing or two about the human-animal bond. She is also a natural connector and has a way of making both her patients and their families feel at ease.

Esther graduated from the University of Queensland in 2006 and has worked in small animal practice in and around Brisbane whilst raising her family over the past ten years.

We’re excited that she’ll now be able to help families in the Bayside area where she lives with her gorgeous children and a menagerie of pets.  

Special interests: Pain management and end of life care.

It always starts with one. Who was your special pet? I had a very special Afghan Hound (Karl) as a child, who definitely deserves a mention here. A gift from my father to my mother upon their engagement, he was our family dog and a gentle soul who lived to a ripe old age. It was my white Bull Terrier x Staffy though, who was really my ‘one’. He had so many names – Snapper officially, but he also answered to ‘Bully’, ‘Manny’, ‘Smack-a-bum’… He looked tough but he was soft on the inside and he was my world. I bought him as a very young adult and we basically grew up together. He was with me through some hard times and was still around when my children were born. He was so trustworthy… with dogs, with people (including my very young children) and later on in life, with cats when I acquired a couple of those too! He was 16 when he died and will never be replaced.

What else are you passionate about? I have four beautiful children who keep me incredibly busy and I love to hang out with. I have two amazing horses who I love to ride just for fun, and I have three cats who are also a big part of my life. 

What do you love about palliative medicine? I love that it is finally being addressed as an important part of our pet’s lives. I love that what we do can take place in the comfort of their homes and that we can engage in relationships, with both pets and owners that may not necessarily happen in a clinical setting. Perhaps most importantly, I love the fact that we can help people come to the right decision when it is time to say goodbye and that we can be there when it happens to make it a peaceful experience for the pets and the people attached to them.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Veterinary Science. Bachelor of Business.