Patient Care Coordinator

Tracy is a passionate life lover who appreciates the little things, the small special moments with her family, friends, pets and nature. She is a proud Mum of two beautiful daughters and a loved Wife. 

Tracy spent her early years in Country Victoria with many pets and surrounded by wildlife. 

Having spent many years of her adult life in a Pet Resort caring for peoples pets, while they were away, Tracy found immense joy and insight into the bond between us and our pets and the true nature of animals. A privilege and a time she is most grateful for.

Veterinary special interests: Customer Care and Administration. Being organized, efficient and empathetic and holding space space for people to express the emotions. 

Being part of a team who can support, in a compassionate, dignified and efficient way to meet the needs of people and their pets during the hard times.

It always starts with one. Who was your special pet?
“Birrue” (Red Point Himalayan) My first cat as an adult, who was my world .He lived to 18.5yrs old and touched the lives of everyone he met. I see many of his qualities in one of my cats ‘Pablo’ and it is a beautiful reminder. I am now surrounded by three divine cats, two darling dogs, and two hilarious lorikeets!

What else are you passionate about?
Nature, Walking Barefoot, Swimming in the ocean, Reading, Photography, Health and Wellness, Being Creative, Animal rights and equality, treating all people with compassion, equality and kindness. 

What do you love about palliative medicine?
The gentle dignity. Being part of a team who values pets at a time when they really need out care, support and understanding. To ensure the hard times are managed delicately and to a high standard. Passing with grace and love. 


Qualifications: Counselling Training, Communication Training, Ayurvedic consultant, Cert III in Business Administration.