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The dog of a lifetime

Everybody has that special animal that stays with them long after they’re gone. For some, it’s their very first childhood pet, for others, it’s one

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Memories that Last_Pet Photography

Memories That Last

No matter how much time we have with our pets, it’s never going to be long enough. And although our pets live on forever in our memories; having something a little more permanent is something you’ll never regret.

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Thank you Dr Cherrie and the Sunset Vets team for your kind and considerate care in our time of need. With aching hearts we said

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For most of us on the Sunset Vets team, it’s the connections we make with incredibly dedicated owners that brings the most reward to our

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Hannah, my vegan beagle, you were my family, my companion, my best friend, and assistance dog. We have been through so many trials, tribulations, happiness,

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Feeling Cold? Your pet might be too.

Osteoarthritis is a common ailment of our older pets and just like in people, cold weather can exacerbate pain in arthritic joints.
Your pet might show signs of being lazier, not wanting to exercise or go up stairs, appear stiffer than usual or have difficulty standing up after lying down.
Our resident Canberran, Dr Ashlee, shares her top tips for providing your pet with some extra support this winter.

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Helping Your Grieving Pet

Our Pets need us to be their advocates and to ensure we are doing all we can to support them, especially when they too are feeling grief. Just like in humans, not all pets will deal with grief the same, and some may not be affected at all.

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5 Beautiful Books to Help Your Child Say Goodbye.

It can be difficult knowing where to start when it comes to helping your child through the loss of your family pet, and quite often parents can be juggling the emotions of their own grief while trying to support their children the best way they can.
Picture books can be a a great help with these conversations.

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