Little did I realise the impact a dog could have on my life.
Little did I realise the puppy I brought home on my knee in the back of the car would become so much more than just a dog.
Little did I realise how much I would need you years down the track.

I have so many memories and not enough paper.

I miss your vibrance, and the effect it had on me, and when I looked at you, you made my life bearable.
I miss watching you act like a clown.
I miss seeing you bound around the yard.
I miss the constant source of peace you provided me.

I dont understand how when I picked you up out of that pen with your siblings , how I made that perfect decision on that day.
I dont understand what I did to deserve you.

How true it is that a dog is man’s best friend, what starts off as a young, defenceless puppy turns into a soulmate and ears to shed tears on.

You grew with me and became a central part of my life.
Your grew older with me and your love never waivered.
As my life began to crumble and lifes compass was battered and damaged, you were always someone central to come back to.
Now I feel lost without you in a directionless world.
When I looked into your eyes, you reminded me of everything good in life.
If only mankind would adopt the qualities your creator gave you, your patience and kindness, forgiveness and understanding.

You didnt judge me by my health, bank balance or social status and you never asked too much of me.

I miss your velvety, floppy, triangular ears, beautiful white coat and your loveable wet nose.
I miss staring into your bright eyes that seemed to offer another world behind them.
I miss walking with you, on the road of life.
I miss your dosile nature, so exceptionally well behaved and happy and friendly toward all, I could of never asked more of you.

As your eyes grew weary and tired I realised you would not accompany me forever and my sadness had already begun.
Our walks slowed down and you became simply happy to rest by my side.
And eventually your beautiful heart began to fail and I had to relieve you of your suffering, and as I was laying with you one last time, your heart stopped, and mine shattered.
The time limit on my life with you had run out.
As I picked you up in your blanket and carried you away my spirit was annihilated.
I gave you peace and said goodbye to your beautiful warm body.

Me losing you is, and will be, one of the greatest losses of my life.

You were, and are, irreplaceable to me.

I love you.

~ Micah Keath 

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