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Home Euthanasia and End of Life Care 

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Home Euthanasia Sunshine Coast

Sunset Vets Palliative and End of Life Care (Sunset Vets) is a dedicated palliative care and home euthanasia service. We help families access expert end-of-life care for their pets within the comfort of home.

Our head office is based in the Sunshine Coast and in addition to our wonderful support team, Sunset Vets is made up of experienced palliative care veterinarians who facilitate at-home euthanasia and end-of-life care in the Sunshine Coast.

This often means we support families navigate a terminal diagnosis as well as ensuring pets are comfortable and not experiencing unnecessary pain during the final months of their life. In many cases, our most important role is to help families say a gentle goodbye at home. Sunset Vets is made up of a supportive care team who truly understand how hard that day can be.

We are here to help Sunshine Coast families with peaceful, planned home euthanasia, palliative care services and counselling and support if needed.

Sunshine Coast Services

In Home Euthanasia

Sunshine Coast Pet Euthanasia

The decision to say goodbye to a beloved pet is difficult and it’s one that no owner takes lightly. With our support, it’s one you’ll never have to make alone.

We will assist you in facilitating a compassionate in-home euthanasia for your beautiful pet.  

Palliative Care

Sunshine Coast Pet Palliative Care

At Sunset Vets we have found that approximately one in five pets had not visited a veterinary clinic within a year of the end of their life. Our palliative care service helps close this gap. Along with postponing pre-emptive euthanasia, the service maintains the patient’s quality of life and comfort.

Grief Support

Sunshine Coast Counselling and Support

The Sunset Vets team know how difficult goodbyes are and we are here to provide help and advice for any counselling and support services you may need.This includes supporting you through the care-giving phase or guiding you through the difficult process of letting go.