How do you bid farewell to your best friend?
When the time comes, we're here for you and your pet.
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Not sure what the future holds?
If your cat has cancer or complex health issues, don't give up.
We'll provide the support you need.
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Sometimes getting up is a real effort!
We're experts at caring for senior pets with
arthritis and mobility issues.
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Sunset Home Veterinary Care
Helping you treasure your best friend
during their golden years
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At Sunset Vets our passion is Palliative Care.

Our home visiting veterinarians deliver expert care to pets during their final stages of life and are able support families who choose to say a gentle goodbye at home.


Our services at a glance

Palliative Care

Much like in human health care, veterinary palliative care is about helping our pets to live comfortably and maintain quality of life even in the face of advancing age or a terminal diagnosis. 

We help families access this specialised type of care from home because we know that often, when you’re unwell, home is where you really want to be. Our vets work in conjunction with your primary care veterinarian to deliver expert support for both you and your pet.

In-Home Euthanasia
& Aftercare

We know that the decision to farewell a friend is not one that any pet owner makes lightly.

At Sunset Vets, we believe that being at home for this moment is important and we strive to make this experience gentle for both you and your pet.

Our compassionate care team will help you understand all your options, guide you through your choices and are here to support you.


Arthritis is one of the leading causes of early euthanasia in our pets. We believe it doesn’t have to be this way and with the right support we can change this statistic for the better.

Our care approach is multi-modal, meaning we’ll review everything from diet, to physical therapy, to medications. So much more than a standard consultation, our hour long appointments are designed to help you really understand your pets needs and help them live more comfortably. 

Counselling &
Grief Support

The loss or illness of a best friend hurts and we’re determined to help families connect better with the support they need. 

Our range of counselling services are available to both clients of Sunset Vets and clients of other veterinary clinics nationwide. So if you’re struggling with the prospect of saying goodbye or feel you need support in the months following a loss, please reach out. A burden shared is a burden lessened.


At Sunset Vets, we really do love our patients and the families we are lucky enough to work with. 

Our memorial page was created in order to help celebrate some of the incredible stories of the pets with whom we share our lives. 

This is the place our Sunset community comes together. Post a tribute to your special pet, write their unique story or simply take time to get acquainted with some of our beautiful patients here.


Whilst our core values lie in providing compassionate veterinary care, we appreciate that this is sometimes only one piece of the puzzle and we love it when families want our help to treasure a loved one. 

Our network of professional pet photographers all understand the unique needs of our special patients and can work with us to tailor packages for even the most fragile of pet. Get in touch and let us connect you.