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The team at Sunset Vets are experts in palliative and end of life care and we know exactly how difficult the decision to say goodbye is. Therefore, we have put together a collection of end of life pet resources to help educate and highlight how Sunset Vets may be able to help you and your beloved pet with palliative care, or an at-home euthanasia. If you would like to speak to our compassionate team please contact us here.   


Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) includes our most helpful information to guide you through the difficult decisions. Topics include:

-How Do I Know When it’s Time?

-What to Expect at a Goodbye Visit.

-Quality of Life Assessment Worksheet.

The Sunset Vets Blog

A collection of informative articles covering topics such as Creating a Bucket List for Your Pet, Coping with Guilt During Grief and Helping Children Through Pet Loss.

We also share heartwarming patient stories such as beautiful Marie, the rescue dog that inspired a legacy of giving and kindness through the creation of our Benevolence Fund.  

Sunset Vets in the Media

Sunset Vets’ owner and leading veterinarian, Dr Jackie Campbell, is a passionate advocate for palliative care issues. 

Her aim is to help pet owners become more aware of what they can do to help their pets live well in their final days, weeks and months. Click above to see where Sunset Vets have been mentioned in the media. 

Ambassador Program

We want to change the way pets are cared for at end-of-life and encourage more families to become empowered to make the best possible health care decisions for their pets. And while we’ve come a long way, there are still many families and pet lovers who don’t realise that this special type of care exists. This is where the Ambassador Program comes in. 


Sunset Vets is proud to be an industry partner of the Australian Veterinary Palliative Care Advisory Council (AVPCAC). We are advocates of the AVPCAC’s mission and work in partnership with the Council on a range of projects to help build community awareness about palliative care.  

Find out more about the council by clicking above. 

Useful Links

Our end of life pet resources include useful links such as Online Resources, Support Services and Professional Affiliations. 

Client Testimonial

We have had the honour of providing compassionate, peaceful at-home goodbyes to pets and their families throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. 

During some of our families most difficult times we have received the most beautiful reviews. 

Pet Memorials

At Sunset Vets, we really do love our patients and the families we work with.

We also know that there are some pretty special pets out there and our Pet Memorial page was created to celebrate the special pet’s that have shared your life.   

Pet Photography

No matter how much time we have with our pets, it’s never going to be long enough. And although we can all attest to the fact that our pets live on forever in our memories; having something a little more permanent is something you’ll never regret.