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Join the Sunset Vets Team

Sunset Vets is made up of a team of dedicated and compassionate Vets who deliver at home end-of-life care to families, right across Australia.

This type of work is special and we are proud to be driving the emergence of Palliative Care as a viable career option for Vets across our growing service regions. 

With a commitment to the continued investment in training and education of our team, and the active development of professional standards of care, we at the forefront of the Palliative Care movement. Come join us and see what it’s all about!

We're Hiring Nationally!

Why join the Sunset Vets Team?

As leaders in palliative and end-of-life care, our point of difference is our people. We are a network of like-minded professionals with a shared vision. Our principals are founded on defined values and a deep understanding of the special bond between families and their pets. Learn more about the Sunset Vets story HERE

At Sunset Vets our employment style enables us to provide you with fully supported, flexible and rewarding work. Our scope of practice includes:

  • Providing in-home end-of-life care, palliative care and euthanasia services
  • Compassionately guiding families with end-of-life planning and decision making
  • Learning and developing new skills in the emerging practice of palliative care.

Take the first steps and connect with Sunset Vets

If you connect with who we are, what we do and want to be part of something special, we’d love to hear from you.

Please fill in your details below to take the first steps in opening your palliative care conversation with us!

Dr Julia
Dr JuliaSunset Vets Veterinarian
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I love being able to give well loved pets a peaceful and dignified euthanasia at clients home. The owners are all very thankful for what I do and appreciate that their pets have a comfortable passing. The support staff are very lovely and I feel well prepared and safe before going on housecalls.

I am really pleased that I joined the Sunset Vets team. The work is very flexible and you truly feel that you are helping clients and pets at the toughest time.
Dr Ashlee
Dr AshleeSunset Vets Veterinarian
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Working with Sunset has been life-changing for me. This work is different to anything I’ve experienced in a clinic, and it is truly rewarding. You have the time and space to deliver spectacular end of life care without feeling rushed or being pulled in other directions. Our clients are generally very grateful and thankful and don’t contribute to the mental health load in the same way as you might experience in GP or ER. The opportunities for learning new skills and exploring special interests is ever-present.
Dr AngelaSunset Vets Veterinarian
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"Working with Sunset Vets gives you flexible hours and the freedom of working for yourself, but with less administrative work and the comfort of having the support of Dr Jackie and the office staff. Whether you are attending a palliative care or euthanasia appointment, your clients are always happy to see you and are so appreciative of the work you do. Working with Sunset Vets is extremely rewarding".
Dr ShaSunset Vets Veterinarian
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"I love having the flexibility of time I can spend with a client to deliver this special service to the best of my ability and a really high standard. I love the flexibility not only around patient care but also my personal time and life".
Work with Sunset Vets_cat and vet
Work with Sunset Vets
Image Credit: www.thefurryfolk.com
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