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Home Euthanasia and End of Life Care 

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What we do

Sunset Vets is a specialised palliative care and euthanasia service helping families to access home based care when they need it most.

Just been to the vet but still have questions or concerns about your pet’s medical condition? Perhaps you have one of those cats who has an absolute panic attack at the prospect of a trip in the car? Or are you caring for a cherished family member who is approaching the end of their life?

Our team are committed to supporting pets and their families through these tough times. If you don’t know where to turn in the face of a terminal diagnosis or have noticed your pet is slowing down. We can help. Additionally, if you want to know if anything more can be done to ensure your pet is comfortable, get in touch. Veterinary healthcare is advancing daily – you may be amazed at the amount of options you have. 

Our Services Include

  • In home vet consultations specialising in senior pet health and palliative treatment options for sick patients.
  • Direct referral to a wide range of allied health professionals, specialists and alternative therapists helping you to access the best care possible for your pet.
  • Quality of life assessment consultations and pre-euthanasia support.
  • Assistance with arrangements for cremation services and other preparations for end of life.
  • Compassionate in home euthanasia services – supporting you through the gentlest of goodbyes when you need us most.
  • Facilitation of professional counselling for families dealing with end of life decisions or pet loss grief.

 Where to start?

Your pet is unique and so are their needs. And through our many years delivering palliative and euthanasia care we know that every visit is different. With palliative care, some pets need just consultation while others may benefit from many. Furthermore, sometimes our clients are simply looking for grief support or for information to help them be prepared.

Whatever you need we are here to help. Get in touch with our office below and one of our patient care coordinators will help create a plan for you.