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George the rescue dog

Meet George (Georgeous) the Rescue Dog Who Was Saved from The Streets.

I am George! In October 2015, I was found wandering the streets and was taken to Dakabin RSPCA. I did have family once, but I ended up homeless. My heart was broken and I lay in my pen waiting for the end. But it wasn’t my time. Instead a rough looking bearded man came in one day and attached a lead to my collar and slowly (walking was painful) walked me out to a car and gently lifted me in.

When the car stopped I was lifted out to meet three other dogs. I fell in love with the girl but think I may have annoyed her a bit. It took me a year to learn to trust, but this is now home and I am George (Mayhead).

George was fortunate to be taken in by Sunshine Coast dog trainer, Mary, and her husband Ken. Below, we chat to Mary about her decision to rescue and what the journey with George has been like.

Why did you decide to look into rescuing?

I have volunteered in the rescue industry for 10 years and have fallen in love with many of the beautiful souls I’ve met. I have three rescues at the moment, two of them were classed as unadoptable and one was highly anxious. I met them and immediately knew they were family.

When did you rescue George and how did it come about?

I was asked by Beck Goldsworthy from GSD’s in Need if we could come and collect George. Ken, my husband, did and brought him home. We have taken him to the GSD’s in Need refuge since then, but only for visits to say hello. His home is with us.

What made you pick George?

He was old, he was lonely, and he was unadoptable and listed for rescue only. It was impossible not to pick him.

What was George like when he first came into your life?

His veterinarian notes the month we adopted him were…
Lots of muscle wastage. Severe arthritis. Mild opacity both eyes and mild stains on most of his teeth. His incisors were quite worn, and his coat was flaky in the back and generally rough and unkempt. He could walk but had bad hips and was wobbly in the hind legs. He was marked as only suitable for rescue.

How did George ended up needing to be adopted?

He was found wandering the streets and had been for quite a while by all accounts.

How has the journey with George been?

This journey has been one of discovery. George gave us a special Christmas present when he had been with us for a year. He climbed up onto the couch next to me, settled in close and rested his head in my lap with a big sigh. This was the first time he had initiated contact. The very act told me he had made us family.

What is George’s personality like? Any quirks? Funny stories?

George is the patriarch of the family. He cleans and dries the other two and attempts the same with the cats but is rebuffed almost instantly!

Would you rescue again?

Yes, my favourite breed is rescued. They are the only pets I will have. They have all rescued me.

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