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Sunset Vets_Completing the Cycle of Care with Palliative Care

‘I’m sorry, but there’s nothing further we can do’.

It’s a confronting thing to be told as your pet’s soulful eyes stare trustingly up at you, but it’s one that owners navigating life with an ageing or terminally ill pet will likely hear at some point. Sometimes this comes after your Vet has done incredible work and explored all possible treatment options, sometimes this comes as a part of our pets reaching a ripe old age, but no matter when it happens, it usually comes around faster than we’re ever ready for.

This is where palliative care comes in. Palliative care is a field of Veterinary medicine where the goal is on comfort focused care instead of curative care.

Palliative Care is the reason Sunset Vets Palliative and End of Life Care (Sunset Vets) exists. We are made up of a group of experienced and passionate Veterinarians who provide unique home-based services for terminally ill and chronically unwell pets. And, in addition to ensuring that a patient-centred approach is provided to pets and their comfort and quality of life is maintained; our Palliative Care Veterinarians also act as a guiding light for owners. This can look like many things and be as simple as providing advice on how to improve a home environment for a pet’s benefit, providing open communication so owners are empowered with knowledge, or guiding owners on when it’s time to say goodbye and giving them the reassurance they need to know that they are making the right decision. 

Understanding the Benefits of Palliative Care for Pets

Pain Management

A Sunset Vets palliative care appointment is similar to a regular doctors appointment but with a different focus. Our core priority is to ensure we are identifying and managing anything that may cause your pet pain and this can include employing various medications, therapies, and lifestyle changes to enhance an animal’s comfort.

Emotional Support

Chronic diseases can take a toll on a pet’s emotional health. Providing home-based care can alleviate a huge amount of stress in your pet. 

Benefits of Palliative Care for Pets

By working in an environment that the pet is comfortable in, our Veterinarians are able to address not only physical needs but also emotional ones.

Quality of Life

We strive to maintain or improve a pet’s overall quality of life. This includes tailored health care plans, physical therapy, and modifying the home environment to accommodate their needs.

Family Involvement

Sunset Vets communicate in an open manner and educate pet owners to help them become active participants in their pet’s care journey. This enables owners to make informed decisions aligned with their pet’s well-being.

Palliative care empowers pet owners to focus on improving a pet’s comfort, happiness, and overall quality of life, even when curing the underlying disease might not be possible. You can find out more information on palliative care HERE.  

Sunset Vets Palliative and End of Life Care

Sunset Vets is a dedicated end-of-life and palliative care service for pets. Our veterinarians are available to support families with in-home care 7 days a week by prior appointment. Get in touch for more information about how we can help.