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Memories that Last_Pet Photography

“Don’t forget somewhere between hello and goodbye, there was love, so much love” – faraway.

No matter how much time we have with our pets, it’s never going to be long enough. And although we can all attest to the fact that our pets live on forever in our memories; having something a little more permanent is something you’ll never regret.

Although our phones may be full of photos of our fur babies, quite often there’s actually not many photos of owner and pet together. This is where a photoshoot comes in.

A photoshoot is something that often comes up when we speak to the families of our palliative patients who have time to prepare at the end. And it’s something that many families are grateful for once they have said goodbye.

Narelle, Founder of The Furry Folk, is one of the many incredible pet photographers throughout Australia. Offering her services in the Sunshine Coast and on occasion, Melbourne, Narelle is one such photographer that specifically captures pets and their families.   

Credit: The Furry Folk

A previous client of Sunset Vets, Narelle knows all too well how comforting it is to have beautiful photos to look back on. In fact, she actually started The Furry Folk after saying goodbye to her beautiful dog Benny in the hopes that she could capture precious memories for others. 

Carla was a recent client of The Furry Folk, and she had a beautiful senior photoshoot with her elderly dog Monty.

In addition to senior photoshoots, Narelle also offers a range of lifestyle, storytelling, adventure, start of life and celebration of life shoots.

The Furry Folk's Pet Photography Shoot with Carla and Monty

Credit: The Furry Folk

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