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Sunset Benevolence Fund

“I wanted to contribute something to help someone else. I also wanted to honour Boo and the experience I had with her.”

Earlier this year Kim became a client of Sunset Vets Palliative and End of Life Care (Sunset Vets), when she heartbreakingly had to say goodbye to her beautiful cat of 21 years, Boo.

“Boo had been with me for a very long time,” said Kim. “She was a constant in my life. She was a beautiful timid cat who would spend a lot of her day hiding. But, when the house became peaceful and quiet, she would come out and sit with us. All four of my girls grew up with Boo. Her presence was something they always knew. Boo saw many house moves, children being born, growing up and moving out. She was witness to my life.”

Sunset Vets offer compassionate at-home euthanasia, supported by an experienced Veterinarian and a compassionate care team. And this service was something Kim decided she wanted for Boo.

“My experience with Sunset Vets was fantastic,” explained Kim.

Boo_Paying it Forward with the Sunset Benevolence Fund

“The team supported me and my girls throughout the whole process with phone calls, emails, and follow up contact after to make sure we were okay. It made the process so much easier and Dr Cherrie who came out was fantastic.

“I have had pets put to sleep at clinics before, and this experience felt a lot more personal and a lot less traumatic. For us and for Boo. I was able to light candles and Boo was comfortable. And although my girls opted not to be there during the procedure; they were able to come out afterwards and say goodbye to Boo at their own pace. It wasn’t rushed.”  

After her experience saying goodbye to Boo, Kim, in a generous and wonderful act, donated to the Sunset Benevolence Fund. The Benevolence Fund is an initiative designed to help families who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances, with pets in need of access to the Sunset Vets care and services. 

“I had such a great experience with Sunset Vets. I’m fortunate enough that I could afford to pay for the service for Boo, but I wanted to contribute something to help someone else. I also wanted to honour Boo and the experience I had with her. It’s a service I would absolutely recommend to anyone in the tough position of needing to say goodbye.”  

This fund has grown from a single act of benevolence into a giving program of charity and goodwill that supports sick or aging pets when their owners are financially unable to do so and are in genuine need of assistance.

The fund is a lifeline for disadvantaged pet lovers, but it also provides an outlet for expressions of kindness and sympathy from others in the pet-loving community wanting to reach out or donate in memory of their own beloved pet, just like Kim did for Boo.

Paying it Forward with the Sunset Benevolence Fund

We invite you to find out more and donate to the Sunset Benevolence Fund HERE.  

Sunset Vets Palliative and End of Life Care

Sunset Vets is a dedicated end-of-life and palliative care service for pets. Our veterinarians are available to support families with in-home care 7 days a week by prior appointment. Get in touch for more information about how we can help.