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Dealing with Grief

Grief affects us all differently. It runs to its own time line and there is no guidebook from which to follow.  When we are faced with the loss of a much loved pet many people are surprised by the intensity of their grief. Their devastation is often a culmination of not just the pet’s passing, but also memories of the pet’s ill health and worry or guilt in the lead up to those difficult end-of-life decisions. If you have needed to be actively involved in intensive nursing care in the months prior to the loss of a pet, we know that mental, physical and emotional exhaustion will also play a role in your grief.

I frequently hear owners apologise for their grief during the euthanasia process. Yet it’s important to understand that any feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, confusion or fear about the future are normal. It is also common to feel simply overwhelmed by the situation you find yourself in. 

Dealing with Grief

If you are experiencing any of these emotions, counselling may help you to make sense of your grief. This process is also useful for owners who are having difficulty remembering their pet in happier times. At Sunset Vets, we aim to ensure that you have access to the right support for your own unique situation. Let our team of compassionate veterinarians, experienced staff and trained pet loss councillors help you through this difficult time. Saying goodbye is hard. With the right support, loving and remembering is easy. We’re always with you.

Sunset Vets offers complimentary counselling and support for those who need it.
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