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Home Verse In-Clinic Euthanasia

There is a reason many veterinary euthanasia experts advocate for in home euthanasia however as with everything in medicine there is no one-size-fits-all recipe. Factors such as your relationship with your vet, your pet’s medical condition, their individual personality and your own family situation should all be considered when making the decision that is right for you. Here at Sunset Vets Palliative and End of Life Care, we strongly believe that pets are more comfortable and relaxed in their own home and we know for most families, the opportunity to say goodbye in privacy is one they truly appreciate.

As well as the benefit of a more peaceful goodbye, we also deeply respect the relationship you may have formed with your local veterinarian. For some pet owners, ‘in-clinic’ euthanasia can make returning to that place for future visits or care of your other pets extremely difficult. 

Home Verse In Clinic Euthanasia

It is not uncommon for clientele to change vets directly after the loss of a pet because of the emotional upheaval of returning to the hospital where their last pet has passed. We will always notify your vet of an in home visit so that important vet-owner relationship can be developed into the future. 

As a specialised end-of-life veterinarian I’ve seen even the toughest of personalities struggle with that final trip to the vet. On the hardest of days we provide an alternative to the busy carpark… the bustling waiting room… the examination table… and that long drive home alone. Let us find your pet instead on their favourite chair or that worn patch of grass… and when you know it’s time we promise we will meet you there.

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