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What Other Options Do I have?

Euthanasia is a serious decision and is not appropriate for all cases. With medical advances happening all the time, treatment options for many diseases are improving and in fact, many patients can maintain good quality of life with careful veterinary management, in spite of a terminal diagnosis. Just as your doctor would discuss, palliative care is something we can and often should offer to our pets. Your veterinarian will likely introduce the concept of palliative care when appropriate but owners must also feel empowered to explore these options when making treatment decisions for their own pet. This involves ensuring pain is well controlled, dehydration and appetite are carefully monitored and any debilitating symptoms such as nausea/vomiting are prevented. 

Other Options to Euthanasia

Other Options to Euthanasia

Sunset Vets provide both veterinary palliative care and end-of-life services. Our aim is to be an advocate for your pet’s needs and to help you make informed health care decisions in a supportive, non-judgemental environment. If you, or your pet, are not ready for euthanasia or you don’t believe in assisted euthanasia, we can offer you options for compassionate medical care (including referral to complementary and alternative practitioners) and home nursing where appropriate. We know that many owners are overwhelmed when their pet becomes unwell or is discharged from hospital with a terminal diagnosis. Let us help you proactively plan for the months ahead. We are able to train family members to perform specific nursing tasks such as injections and catheter care at home as well as educate owners to accurately identify and assess pain or discomfort. Let our experienced staff help you navigate your options to achieve the best health care solutions for your pet.

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