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Osteoarthritis & Rehabilitation

With pets living so long these days, and hopefully living active lives, mobility issues are becoming increasingly common as our pets age.

Arthritis in your dog or cat can be just as debilitating as it is in people and yet in most cases it can be successfully managed with the right advice.

Our vets will take the time to review your pets medical history, examine them, provide treatment options targeted for their specific condition or disability and discuss the latest scientific advancements in arthritis management.

Did you know some hospitals now offer stem cell therapy for treatment of osteoarthritis?


“Let us work with you to create the best care plan for your pet.”

Our approach is multi-modal, meaning we’ll discuss everything from diet, to exercise, to medications and supplements. We also aim to be practical and hands on, teaching you techniques that will help alleviate pain and improve body function as well as highlighting things that could make the home environment safer for both you and your pet. 

We know that caring for a pet with mobility issues can be overwhelming at times. Talk to us to find out how we can help.