Pet Memorial

At Sunset Vets, we really do love our patients and the families we work with. We also know that there are some pretty special pets out there and our memorial page was created to celebrate the special pet’s that have shared your life.   

Please note: Pets are listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Baci Memorial pic


Baci was not just a cat but the best friend we could have had.

The most comforting soul, gentle and loving.

Brother to Bailey and Ollie and fur son to Kim and Sue.

We loved Baci for 16 years but forever would not have been long enough to share our lives with him.

In remembering him, we smile because we love him and got to share our lives with angel Baci. ❤



2006 – 21/7/17

Barkley came into the world at a distinct disadvantage.

Rescued by the RSPCA, he survived being cared for by some very special people. He led a special life with us for over seven years.

Despite his problems, he was a funny little man at times and above all a fighter to the end.

His crowning glory was being admitted to the RSPCA dog demo team where he worked with some success. ❤

Bella Dann​

Bella was my precious puppy for 15 years.

She was so loved by everyone and always greeted people with love and trust.

She had her ‘special’ friends (human) that she greeted with squeals of delight – including her vet of 25 years.

While I will miss her so much – I am comforted by the fact that her little life was always happy and special with loving people around her.

I was so happy with her passing in the hands of Dr Jackie – She was so gentle and sympathetic to Bella and me too. Thanks so much Jackie!! ❤

Bella O'Connell

Bella was the “super” family dog. 

She was the centre of many a fun activity. But she also provided much more than entertainment. Bella often provided a safe body, through which many of us could confide, hug, and sit with during trying times. Her knowing eyes were the one constant in a decade and a half of changes within our family. 

Her life was full, and she was never far from nature. Plentiful walks along lakes, and trips to the beaches, transcended into a peaceful perch overlooking the rainforest as her years progressed. It is within this very same rainforest where Bella’s body now rests. However, her spirit will live long and strong within all of her human family.

The farewell to Bella was wrought with grief.
However, lovely Jan made the process as seamless and tranquil as could be managed, and we are all very grateful for her care and professionalism.

Bye bye Bella, your paw prints will stay firmly embedded in our hearts.

Bella Valentine​

Bella arrived in our family with much excitement & energy.

On the day our kids chose the puppy, they were drawn to the quiet little puppy on her own in the corner & not the robust nature of all her siblings.

What a little gem she turned out to be.

Bella had such a beautiful & gentle nature. She was loved by everyone & will be greatly missed.

We were blessed to have had 13 years with her & will treasure those memories ❤

Bomber Brooks

Bomber was with us for 17 years. We got him as a pup. An early memory was when we were told he couldn’t come into the store by a staff member dressed as a clown. Bomber playfully tapped her nose off! She then proceeded to direct us to where pet food and toys were kept. I remember him being an escape artist. My husband would drive home from work, Bomber would see the car from end of the street and try and beat him home, pretend he was there all day. He was a super excited dog, loved attention, but would rarely sit still for a pat and loved to lick. We would often joke he was part kangaroo because he could jump ridiculously high. His favourite toy was an empty drink bottle to chase. He was a real guts and the first thing he always did when allowed in, was to race to the cat’s (Voss-RIP) food and devour it like he was starving. My eldest daughter would build various feeding contraptions for him. Bomber had a knack at knowing she she was upset and he would help her feel better. When he was outside, he would use pleading eyes to be let in. Such a kind-hearted dog, who we all miss very much. May he forever rest in peace in our garden next to his playmate Voss.

Bozz Combes

Bozz Combes​

My best pal for 17 years….in my heart forever ❤​

Buffy Campbell

The BEST fur child I could have ever wished for in life!

I was so LUCKY to have my little Buffy B by my side for over 16 years. She was my bright ray of SUNSHINE, that lit up my life & touched my heart with unconditional LOVE & happiness every single day.

She was so special & I will miss her incredibly so. Buffy was a once in a lifetime GIFT that I will treasure forever.

Life is not the same without you precious fur ball RIP B. Love you to bits always.

Cefa Davis

Cefa Davis​

Cefa was a beautiful himalayan who came into our family almost 20 years ago.

In her early years she was a little grumpy,…but she became a little more accepting in her later years.

She even started to indulge people in allowing them to give her a gentle pat…..but only for a short while.

Cefa passed away in May 2018, and we will always look back and smile at her irreplaceable spirit and personality ❤



A gentle soul who gave us 17 years of unconditional love 💕 ❤

Coco Pops Harley

Miss Coco Pops was born on 28 September 1999. She passed away on 3 May 2019 at age 19.

Miss Pops was a very special feline but was surrendered to the RSPCA by her previous owner who could no longer have her at a new rental home. I adopted Miss Pops at age 8. It was apparent she was very traumatized by the experience of being in a cage and it took sometime for her to trust again. Miss Pops became the most gorgeous little girl who had complete faith in her new human. She was affectionate and loved nothing better than to sleep alongside you where she could have pats during the night and wake you up in the morning for breakfast. She was with me through some difficult times and two moves which she took in her stride.

Miss Pops will be remembered with love and is very much missed.


❤ Your wings were ready but our hearts weren’t ❤

RIP our beautiful girl. You showed us 15 years of pure love and loyalty. Words will never describe what you meant to us. We miss your smiles and excitement when we arrive home. We’ve lost a member of our family and you’ll be forever in our hearts. 

Love Mum, Conan & Kaz





Daisy, Dollop, Puppylicious, Lazy Daisy

Died 22nd February 2019.

Missing you so much. You brought so much to our lives.  You saved me when my mum died.

Run on the beach, swim in the ocean and eat as much of whatever you want. I hope someone is splashing the water for you. 

Always in out hearts, always loved and NEVER forgotten.

Diesel Reinhardt

Diesel Reinhardt

A soul that was beyond special. Forever wouldn’t have been long enough ❤​



Gizzie was so special to us, he was cheeky, funny and very loyal. Me being his Mum I couldn’t go anywhere without my little shadow, if any of his family were ill he would always let them know he was there, which always made us feel better. He had such a great character, he loved his pizza 🍕 and would sit on his little bottom and clap his paws 🐾 together when he wanted some. He loved sneaking the kids socks 🧦 and running around the house slinging them everywhere. He did not see himself as a pet he was one of the family, and he will be sorely missed 😔💔 A big thanks to Dr Brittany and all @ Sunset Vets for making the process so much easier for all of us and especially Gizmo 🌹😘 ❤

Gizmo Jinks

Gizmo was a beautiful Exotic Shorthair – a rescue cat from the RSPCA who was fortunate enough to find safety with the Jinks family.

This gorgeous girl was diagnosed with liver neoplasia just before Christmas and said her goodbyes surrounded by her loving owners in January 2018.

She was deeply loved and we know she will be sorely missed.

A true angel who has found her wings. ❤

Greyseb Brandenburg

Greyson Brandenburg​

He was so incredibly special to us and over 15 years we had watched him grow from the most confident little ball of fluff we had ever seen to a mischievous, independent thinking & action loving dog.

Through everything he was an ever loyal, affectionate companion to all of us. To be able to spend his last morning at home surrounded by his family meant so much to us and was so much more comfortable & peaceful for him. Dr Giles’ kindness made what was one of the most difficult days for us just that little bit easier.

Thank you, we will always be grateful that a service like sunset was there for us when we needed it.. ❤

Kuma Duffy​

A gorgeous soul, a beautiful support who will be forever loved and missed terribly. ❤



May 2008 – November 2017 (On the right of the photo)

We rescued Lani from the RSPCA but she really rescued us. She was a smart, independent, loving and protective girl. She opened her heart a year later and welcomed in another dog, with whom she became best mates. They were inseparable from the moment they met.

Lani, you filled our family with such love and loyalty. We will miss you beyond words can express.

May you rest easy and live on within our hearts. Love always, Tim, Charlee, Oliver and your best mate, Linkin xxoo ❤


‘He’s our boy’

05.02.2009 – 30.05.2019

A Blue Point Lynx Ragdoll who was forever friendly, faithful, beautiful and loyal.

We will never forget the storytime cuddles and the endless love you gave us. We miss you dearly and will never forget the lessons you taught us and the laughter you gave us with your antics.

Rest In Peace Little Man, until we meet you again on The Rainbow Bridge.


Miss fluffy face…you always had a smile for everyone, your little stampt feet and your cuddles. These are what we will miss. I’m so privileged to be able to have shared your life with you. I hope you enjoyed living with us and your schnauzer brothers and sisters. You were an amazing mummy and thankyou for all the gifts you gave us. You put up a courageous fight and the last two years we got to spend with you were amazing. You started in new Zealand but ended up an aussie dog..thankyou for sharing our many journeys together…till we meet again. I will never forget you…my beautiful girl.

Manu Campbell

Manu had a good life. He was there through many ups and downs in my life and was always that company I could fall back on. He was never a hassle, never a problem and always heard me out, lol, he gave me that lift that I needed.

He was pretty special and that’s not just coming from me that’s coming from everyone who ever he came in contact with. They adored him a lot.

Everyone knew how close we were that when I shared it on my socials it was nice to see so many care and send there condolences. It was actually overwhelming that sometimes you just can’t hold back a watery eye.

Manu will never leave my heart, he’s stuck in there and someone I’ll cherish forever.

Rest easy Manu man.


Thank you for taking care of Millie and our family.  It was a horrible day but you all made it easier for us. 

 Thank you Millie for being in our family for the last 15 years. Forever in our hearts. xxxxxxxxxxxx. 

Molly Vosper

Molly Vosper​

Forever loved and deeply missed.

Yvette was fortunate enough to spend 23 years with this darling girl.

We can only imagine how hard saying goodbye was ❤


The love of our lives for 16 years. We said good bye January 16 2019. 

We loved you so much. The walks, the sniffs, the talks, the welcome homes, the waggiest tail, the snuggles, oh how i miss the snuggles! 

Our beautiful boy forever in our hearts.

Thank you Dr Jan for making the worst day a little easier to bare. Such kindness & compassion.



2006 – 29/7/14

Like our other dog Barkley, Pippy came into the world at a distinct disadvantage. Rescued by the RSPCA, he led a special life with us for five years.

Despite his bad start, he had a delightful cheeky personality and made friends with everyone he met.

His crowning glory was being admitted to the RSPCA dog demo team (with Barkley) where occasionally he was the star of the demonstration. ❤

Ruby Farley​

Such a beautiful girl with a loving energy ❤

Rusty Morgan​

31/08/2011 – 20/02/2016

Rusty was a special puppy gone too soon at the young age of 4yrs due to a rare autoimmune disease.

But he was a loving, loyal and such a goofball.

And was such a strong little man and will always be in my heart forever. ❤



31/08/2011 – 20/02/2016

Sam, Sammy Boy, Samabam (he had many names) had boundless energy, if we were able to bottle it we would have sold litres – he just never stopped! Even when he became unwell, having fun still somehow managed to be his priority. We all loved and were so inspired by the way that nothing seemed to phase him. As long as he had his pack (us) nearby and an unending supply of tennis balls, all was good in the world. He had attitude, he was a little cocky and a tad competitive, but it just made him even more amusing and lovable. Sam had personality to boot and while he had a very energetic nature he had a beautifully grounding effect on our family. Despite being so preoccupied (mostly with his own little world), he could show his softer side and seemed to instinctively know when someone needed a little extra love or company, and would happily provide it. He was irreplaceable. His time with us brought so many tears toward the end, but so many laughs and so much love throughout. ❤immune disease.

But he was a loving, loyal and such a goofball.

And was such a strong little man and will always be in my heart forever. ❤

Sassy Dawson​

A precious soul, who enjoyed almost 15 years of love and companionship with her beautiful family.. ❤

Shiann and Horsie

These two beautiful souls gained their angels wing within 4 days of each other. Best mates in life it seemed that they were destined to be together in crossing the rainbow bridge. 

Horsie (15 years 2 months) being a gentleman passed suddenly (not expected) to open heavens door for Shiann (14 years 3months) who had been ill.. Our house is silent and our hearts shattered. They are being cremated together as they never like being separated. 

To Sunset Vets , Emma and Dr Jackie thank you so much for helping Shiann go and be with her best buddy. For making it so easy for Steve and I be present to set Shiann free of her pain and grieving for her mate.


Our beautiful rescued greyhound Shirley, came to us as a bonded pair with Fergus. She and Fergus were having a hard time finding a home as they were older, both black and had to be adopted together. We had just lost our two, so we welcomed the pair with open arms. 

Shirley was a quiet storm; she was agreeable, easy going and not fearful at all. She loved her toys and would throw them around the room when she was excited about an upcoming walk. She always greeted us at the door with the biggest smile on her lovely face. She raced around the off-leash beach with Fergus, monstering him the whole time. She loved to play and loved life. 

She was awarded the Eumundi Pawsome Paws Parade Princess wearing the bride’s outfit you see here.

Less into a year with this dynamic duo, Shirley started limping and the specialist found she has Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). We decided not to amputate, but just to keep her comfortable and spoil the crap out of her for as long as she had quality of life. She lasted another 6 months and then the tumour became too large and she could no longer run and play.

The team at Sunset vets were so kind and sensitive. Dr Lolene is a human being with a beautiful nature and helped us send Shirley over the Rainbow Bridge at home, in her own bed, next to Fergus.

Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate her life and ease her passing


Smugee was our fur daughter. She was an adorable yet a very reserved cat who brought so much love to our lives.

We treasure the 7 years she touched our lives since we adopted her from RSPCA. 

We miss her very much, we miss her not being at the door to greet us when we come home, we miss her annoying habits of not knowing whether she wants to stay indoors or outdoors, we miss her trying to drink water from anything other than her bowl, we miss her not being by the bedside in the morning when we wake up. 

Hope Smugee is no longer in pain, until we meet again you are in the arms of an angel.



You saved me soon many times…I just wish I could’ve saved you so you were with me forever…

Thank you for picking me, loving me & for just being my Spookle…you are forever & always in my heart…

I love you ❤


You will never be forgotten our beautiful Tess.  

Words cannot express how much you will be missed. Your beautiful smile everyday when you greeted me at the gate, you would never leave my side wherever I was you had to be next to me. I miss that so much 😔but I will cherish our 13 years together and all the beautiful memories we made together.

Tessie Girl, always in my heart. Love you ❤


We lost our beautiful gentle little soul Toby on 24th November following a 13 month battle with Heart Failure.

Toby was a very sensitive little man who was always a loving little companion.

He will be sadly missed and never ever forgotten. ❤

Voss Brooks

Voss was our beloved family cat of about 16 years from since he was a kitten. 

Although he wasn’t the most affectionate cat, he loved being around us, especially at night when he snuggled up to our heads to watch t.v. or sleep in bed. He once proudly showed us a mouse he caught, unfortunately for Voss, the mouse trap caught it first. 

I vividly remember him stalking our unsuspecting dog Bomber (RIP) and chasing him down the hallway. The girls loved placing strips of paper or pencils under the door for Voss to grab and play. 

He loved sleeping under his favourite shrub in garden, where he is now at peace. We will always love and remember him.

Zac Scott​

A beautiful boy, who will be forever loved and deeply missed. ❤


Zorro was adopted by John & Shingo as a tiny puppy from the RSPCA 15 years ago.

He walked right up to the pair as soon as he saw them.

It was love at first sight ❤