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Molly Blake Letting go with Love

Molly Blake | Letting Go With Love

In June this year, one of our gorgeous clients Naomi Blake said goodbye to her loyal companion, Molly. Molly had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia at age 3, and had experienced ongoing arthritis symptoms throughout her life, including pain and

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6 things to do with your senior dog

6 Things to do With Senior Dogs!

When we share our lives with a senior pet, we come to realise just how precious the time we have with them is. Below, you’ll find ways to infuse fun into their golden years in light of their changing physical

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Ambers touching story

Amber’s Touching Story

Saying goodbye to a ‘spirited little pup’. Never have I witnessed so strongly the beautiful bond of love between people and their pets. On the 6th of March I sat in the passenger seat of Dr Jackie’s car, as we

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Dukey and his Family’s Brave Fight

My partner and I adopted Dukey from Labrador Rescue when he was 8 years old. We journeyed to the centre for a meet and greet and Dukey immediately welcomed us by dropping and showing us his belly. I still remember

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Rusty's Harness

How Rusty Made His Mark

Forever would not have been long enough. While he was here only four years, Rusty made an unmistakable mark, and left paw prints on the hearts of all who met him. He was not just a pet, but a true

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Maple Cherry

Maple’s Roller Coaster Life

This is a story that needs to be shared. Gentle and affectionate, Maple Cherry was never meant to live past a few hours. When I first heard her story, it was enough to warm, and to break, my heart. It

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Q & A with Dr Esther

Q & A With Dr Esther

What it’s like working in end of life care and the patients that touched her heart… How do you find being an end of life care vet? People often say, “I don’t know how you do it!” They are surprised

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Tips for coping with loss

3 Tips For Coping With Loss

Facing the first festive season without a pet can be difficult. Here are some tips if you’re missing your fur-baby this Christmas: 1.Give yourself permission to miss your pet. Recognise that the summer holidays often bring back memories of special

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6 Ways To Memorialise Your Pet

‘Where there is deep grief, there was great love’ – anon. Pets are heart-melting combinations of fur and love on legs. They bring joy, mischief and megadoses of laughter. Toileting accidents and chewed up shoes aside, their only fault is

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A Tribute To Cilla ‘The Boss’

I only had the pleasure of meeting Cilla, her fur brother Toby and her lovely owners Cathy and Steve about a month ago, but this very special family will stay with me forever. Cilla, a Sweet Little Lowchen was ‘The

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Maries Story

Mary The Rescue Dog’s Journey

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. – Aesop “We were very privileged to have been able to walk by her side for so long. Now she walks with us in our hearts.” – Mary In

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Gypsy's story

Gypsy’s Very Special Story

Gypsy’s Story and the incredible generosity of her owner. When we first started The Sunset Benevolence fund in Marie’s honour, we had a feeling that there certainly must be other kind-hearted folks such as those involved in Marie’s story, floating

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Coping with Guilt during Grief

Coping with Guilt During Grief

“Was there anything else I could have done?” “Did I act quickly enough?” “Did I act too quickly?” The pain of pet loss can be overwhelming. Sadly, amidst the grief, many pet owners can also find themselves experiencing further suffering

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